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 How we work

When a company requires our services, we assess two aspects before accepting the project. First, we ensure that we are able to offer the level of help that is required, carrying out an analysis of the sector and the client's problem to see that they are within our range of experience. Second, we evaluate the probability of finding solutions to the problems that the prospective client has raised.

We do not perform magic, and only accept those projects which we consider will have practical, tangible and fast results, in order not to waste resources or clients' time.

When we have achieved a mutual level of understanding with the client about the type of problem and the options for solving it, we develop a tailored programme to resolve the problems that have been posed.

Our loyalty is to our clients. Our role is to support and serve the interests of our clients. We therefore work together with them in order to meet the agreed objectives within the planned timescales.

A project is normally divided up into several phases with distinct objectives and deadlines for reaching the most effective, financially viable results. We meet with the client regularly to present progress made along with a summary of the findings and recommendations that we think are most appropriate.

We maintain a relationship of mutual trust and honesty. It is precisely that ongoing communication that is an essential aspect in finding the most satisfactory solutions for our clients' business problems.

We maintain strict confidentiality, and sign the appropriate agreements. All members of our team that participate in any project are previously approved by the client.

Our fees are previously approved by the client. They are based on the responsibilities that we take on and the time required for each project phase.